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the structure of everything that lives

the first of three flashbacks before we begin

how long did you think you were in there?

the second of three flashbacks before we begin

the rhythm of the dividing pair

our third and final flashback before we begin

a confirmation of something on the printed page to which one returns, fortified and satisfied

a reading list and a little controversy before we begin #annihilation

if you look from a mountain-top down

the paramount pictures logo and skydance logo offer us stars while lena (natalie portman) sits in a room with scientists looking on in annihilation, minute 1

yet even in the moment of discovery

character names, the ship of theseus paradox, knowledge, identity, life, and the themes of annihilation, minute 2

from the worst possible direction for landing at the lighthouse

objects falling from space, self destruction, subjectivity, alien lifeforms within and without in annihilation, minute 3

life, from being made up of little separate incidents which one lived one by one

a distracted professor, sonoya mizuno as student katie, falling stars, dividing cells, and our relationship with nature in annihilation, minute 4

the question being one of the relation of masses, of light and shadows

the importance of living, professor sir john sulston and gene sequencing a nematode, david gyasi as daniel, and lena has weekend plans in annihilation, minute 5

the house would become so shabby that something must be done

crosby, stills, & nash's 'helplessly hoping', photographs, poetry, and the play of memory and time in annihilation, minute 6

one could not say what one meant

grief, memory, self-destruction, oscar isaac, and the return of kane in annihilation, minute 7

his own house, full of comfort

madness, girl interrupted, ptsd, odysseus, and the sum of our experiences in annihilation, minute 8

in the chambers of the mind and heart of the woman

emotional numbing, doppelgangers, fingers tapping, and the quality of insanity in annihilation, minute 9

the symbolical outline which transcended the real figures

infidelity, a dimly understood fear, the character of kane, and whether anything matters in annihilation, minute 10

for he had slipped into his glass at lunch a few drops of something

#bloodfromthemouth, ambulances, kane as he has changed, the staff of aesculapius, obsessing about a location, and the meaning of well in #annihilation minute 11

wake up and find the sun shining and the birds singing

#tvtropes, #vaninblack, #meninblack, #unmarkedhelicopters, and waking up in a secret government facility in #annihilation minute 12

subduing all her impressions as a woman

a strange hospital room, lena meets #drventress and we meet #jenniferjasonleigh in #annihilation minute 13

she was tyrannical, domineering, masterful

in area x ventress questions lena, as i discuss the political purpose of film, and the unsettling purpose of #annihilation, minute 14

she knew the end of that story

fbi, cia, what is ventress and why is she questioning lena in #annihilation minute 15?

she must escape somehow, be alone somewhere

#sciencefiction eschews stereotypical heroes and extra-terrestrials, as #annihilation minute 16 eschews an escape attempt.

ruin approached, chaos approached

when did the shimmer come to earth? what are ventress' plans? is she recruiting lena or will lena volunteer? what about hypnosis? and, why this film does not take plac...

to be on a level with ordinary experience

tattoos, foreshadowing, black bears, motivations, and dying husbands in #annihilation minute 18

dissevered yet somehow belonging

Lying in bed, LENA and KANE talk about God's mistakes (or not), and the #HayflickLimit and cellular aging. #Annihilation minute 19.

the light of a butterfly's wing lying upon the arches of a cathedral

Still lying in bed, LENA wonders about KANE's upcoming mission, as un bel di vedremo interrupts #Annihilation minute 20.

and the butterfly sun itself on the faded chintz

in bed, lena mocks kane's suggestion that she pines for him longingly while he is away, and we drift into #madamebutterfly before returning to the present in #annihila...

the self-surrender she had seen on so many women's faces

LENA meets the other women on a firing range in a cut scene, #AlexGarland steals character names from #JGBallard but doesn't mention it, and THORENSEN invites LENA to ...

sit at table with them like a person in a dream

Lena, Thorensen, Sheppard, and Radek compare jobs as we take a look at Gina Rodriguez and this all-female team in #Annihilation minute 23.

it was all edges and angles; it was all uncompromisingly plain

We explore the reasoning behind an all-woman team and take a look at Tuva Novotny as we learn these women are about to enter the Shimmer in #Annihilation minute 24.

it was all a blur to her. what was he thinking now?

We take a look at Tessa Thompson as the conversation between the four women ends and LENA goes to visit KANE in his isolation tent, a mission into the Shimmer imminent...

you're not planning to go to the lighthouse, are you?

Lena questions Ventress' motives for entering the Shimmer as she herself readies to volunteer, and we take a look at those who returned from Area X in the novel. #Anni...

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